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William E Harris







Youngstown, Ohio native William E. Harris relocated to his current home in New Orleans, Louisiana in the mid 1980’s.  He has practiced medicine as a Cardiovascular Perfusion specialist within the state for the past 30 years and is a notable public speaker at medical meetings across the globe.

    In addition to a background in music as an instrumentalist, Mr. Harris can be found in several commercials as well as regional and feature films. His resume of onscreen characters are notably diverse and speak volumes for his ability and willingness to deeply immerse himself into his craft. A dedicated student of several preeminent acting schools in the southeast area, he continues to perfect his skill to fulfill his passion for personal excellence in film and television.  


Agent – Fame Talent Agency

3525 Hessmer.

Metairie, LA​ 70002

Tel: 800-9859147

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